Preventative Medicine Services in Miami, FL

Preventive medicine is the single most important type of medicine that veterinarians practice. Our doctors evaluate your pet’s overall health through annual and bi-annual physical exams. Using technologies, such as digital radiographs, labworks, etc., we are able to assess your pet’s vital systems, create a baseline of health, and proactively catch any situations that may need attention.These exams can be life-saving, and help to extend a pet’s life. Our basic preventive services include vaccinations, fecal tests, deworming, dental screening, and geriatric physicals. We believe that preventive care is the best way to keep your pets happy and healthy. For every 1 human year, it equates to 4-7 human years in a dog or cat’s life. This is why the motto at Pou Veterinary Group is “It is better to prevent than to cure”. Start your puppy or kitten’s life out the right way, from the very beginning. Check out our pet wellness plans to help keep your pet healthy and happy!