Pet Geriatrics

At Pou Veterinary Group, we know that elderly animals have different needs than their younger counterparts, and we cater our services to each pet’s particular circumstance.

A person holding a dog

Exceptional Expertise in Pet Geriatrics

At Pou Veterinary Group, we believe that the journey into the golden years should be filled with comfort, care, and companionship. Here’s why our pet geriatrics services stand out:

Tailored Care for Seniors:
We recognize that senior pets require individualized attention. Our team crafts personalized care plans that cater to the specific needs of your aging companion, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

Comprehensive Health Assessments:
Pou Veterinary Group conducts thorough health assessments for senior pets, focusing on early detection of age-related issues. From arthritis to cognitive changes, we proactively address potential concerns before they impact your pet’s quality of life.

Comfortable Environment:
We understand that the aging process can bring about physical limitations. Our clinic is designed to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for your senior pets, making each visit a positive experience.

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Benefits of Pou Veterinary Group’s Pet Geriatrics Services

Prolonged Vitality

Our pet geriatrics services aim to enhance and extend the vitality of your senior pet. By addressing age-related issues early on, we contribute to a healthier and more active life for your aging companion.

Pain Management and Comfort

Arthritis and discomfort can be common in senior pets. Pou Veterinary Group employs effective pain management strategies to ensure your pet’s golden years are marked by comfort and ease.

Cognitive Health Support

We understand the importance of cognitive well-being in senior pets. Our geriatric care includes strategies to support cognitive function, keeping your pet mentally engaged and stimulated.