Wellness Plans

Preventive care is vital for the overall health for your pet. Providing the needed vaccinations, exams and tests ensure your pet’s health and greatly increase the chances of finding any potential issues early for better outcomes and lower costs.

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To pre-enroll, start by checking out the Wellness Plans we offer. Simply select the plan that best fits your pet, select pre-enroll, and a member of our team will reach out to complete the process of setting up a wellness exam and completing your pet’s Wellness Plan enrollment. It’s easy; we have a plan for your pet’s health and a budget-friendly payment for you.

What is a wellness plan?

A wellness plan is a comprehensive program designed to ensure the ongoing health and well-being of your furry companion. It typically includes a range of preventive care services such as vaccinations, regular check-ups, parasite control, dental care, and sometimes even additional perks like discounts on other veterinary services or products. By enrolling in a pet wellness plan, pet owners can proactively manage their pet’s health while spreading out the cost of routine care over time. It’s like having a customized health roadmap for your pet, tailored to their specific needs and life stage.

What to expect?

When enrolling for a wellness plan, what you can expect varies based on the plan you choose. Plans typically offer a range of services tailored to your pet’s needs, such as wellness exams, core vaccines, optional vaccines for specific risks, and even telemedicine consultations for convenient remote care. Overall, these plans prioritize preventive care to keep your pet healthy and happy, with options to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

The importance of regular checkups

Regular checkups for your pet are essential to monitor their health, catch any issues early, and ensure they receive timely preventive care. These visits help maintain their well-being and can potentially extend their lifespan by addressing health concerns proactively.