Boarding Admission Form

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Boarding Admission Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pet(s) before your visit.

Please fill out the following form and click "Submit" when finished before the date of your Check-In to help ensure a more efficient check-in process.

Reservation Details

Pick-ups after 11am will be charged an additional day of boarding.

Feeding Information

We recommend that you bring your pets normal diet in with you to avoid any upset stomachs. For convenience, it is acceptable to premeasure the food, and provide in individual Ziplock bags.

We provide Purina Gastrointestinal Dry food for those that do not bring their own food. This is an additional charge and not included in the nightly boarding rate.

Sometimes, pets may experience digestive issues due to a new environment, this is normal. It can take up to a week for them to readjust once home from boarding. In the event that your pet experiences pancreatitis or any gastrointestinal upset, we may have to administer medication. A nurse will make every attempt to contact you to inform you and will document for our records.


We are happy to give your pet his/her medications for an additional charge.

Please list any medications your pet will need/is currently taking along with dosages and how often they are given.

Also, please list the reason the medication was prescribed.



All pets will receive a minimum of one-half hour of playtime twice a day. If they get along well with other dogs they can play in supervised groups. If they do not, they will get individual play time with one of our boarding staff.

Please answer the following questions about your pet.

Additional Services


We provide items such as toys, bedding, blankets, and water/food bowls, however, you are welcome to bring any of your pet's belongings from home at your own risk. We will make every effort to ensure they are not damaged or misplaced but can not make any guarantees.

Cancellation Policy

If you make a reservation for your pet to stay in our boarding facility you have 24 hours prior to the drop off day to notify our staff of your cancellation. If you fail to notify us about your cancellation and do not show for your reservation you will be charged a fee equal to one night's stay.

Terms and Conditions

Please acknowledge each statement

Boarding Release Form

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Pou Veterinary Group - Boarding Release Form

Well Pet Requirements for Services:

All vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. Pets may have their exams completed at Pou Veterinary Group (PVG), or the client must present written proof of current vaccinations for each pet prior to Boarding services. PVG is a flea & tick free environment. To ensure that pet's are free of external parasites, a Capstar tablet will be given to those pets with evidence of fleas on the day of their arrival. If ticks noticed, we will give a topical tick treatment, along with a medicated bath. This will be at an additional cost to the client. We reserve the right to cancel your pet's boarding reservation should we see that the flea &/or tick issue is severe.

Although sick or unvaccinated pets are not permitted to receive boarding services, the client acknowledges that they are placing their pets into an area in which communicable diseases may pass between seemingly healthy pets (much like kids in daycare). If following a provided service date the pet shows signs of illness, the client may not hold Pou Veterinary Group liable for any inadvertent exposure the pet may have received, and that if the client requests an exam, treatment, or medications for the pet, that it will be provided by PVG at full cost to the client.

Adult Dogs: Must be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo/Corona (yearly) & Bordatella, negative fecals, and negative heartworm exams (every 6 months)

Puppies: Must be at least 12 weeks of age and have received 3 sets of Distemper/Parvo/Corona vaccines and 2 Bordatella vaccines

Adult Cats: Must be current on Rabies and FVRCP, FeLV vaccines

Kittens: Must be at least 12 weeks of age and have received 2 sets of FVRCP vaccines

Boarding Services Information: Please label, with a permanent marker, all personal pet items which will be brought into our facility. Please DO NOT bring pet beds, large blankets or large food containers. PVG provides bedding for all pets during their boarding stay.

There will be a charge per pet, per day, even if pets are housed together in a single enclosure. The cleaning, care, feeding and walking requires the same of amount of time pet pet. If the pet is picked up before 11am, there is no charge for day of departure. All pets picked up after the 11am check-out time, will incur an additional day's charge of boarding.

Should the pet remain unclaimed after the scheduled departure date, as designated in the Boarding Check In form, and PVG has been unsuccessful in reaching the client regarding further instructions, the pet shall be deemed abandoned. Laws concerning abandonment of pets at veterinary facilities will govern PVG's course of action. The client acknowledges such action on PVG's part does not release the client of financial responsibilities for boarding or other services provided during the pet's stay.

Natural Disasters

& Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, Pou Veterinary Group will make every effort to ensure the safety of all pets boarding, but will not be held responsible for injury to the pet in the event of such occurrence. Pou Veterinary Group will make every effort to contact the Owner(s) in case such an emergency arises. If Owner(s) cannot be reached, Pou Veterinary Group will use their best judgement in determining what is best for the pet.

Owner(s) understand that if such natural occurrence is to occur, Pou Veterinary Group will close until it is safe to return. Pets boarding cannot be picked up until the all clear has been given.

Owner shall indemnify and hold Pou Veterinary Group, and its affiliated members, free and harmless from all cost, expenses and liabilities in connection with such claims or demands. These costs, expenses and liabilities include amounts paid in settlement before or after suit is commenced, attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Pou Veterinary Group in defending against such claims or demands.

Should an emergency situation arise, and our office is closed, all emergency communication should be done by email: