Pet CT Scan

We utilize rotating X-rays around a patient to make cross-sectional images, an extremely rapid imaging modality. With CT Scans, we can study spines and skulls, identify tumors, and more.

A person holding a cat

Empower Your Pet’s Health with Pou Veterinary Group

Our commitment to your pet’s well-being is exemplified through our state-of-the-art CT scan services. Here’s why our pet CT scan services stand out:

Advanced Technology:
Pou Veterinary Group is equipped with advanced CT scan technology designed for pets. Our advanced equipment allows for high-resolution imaging, enabling us to identify even the most subtle abnormalities.

Skilled Radiology Team:
Behind every scan is a team of skilled radiologists specializing in interpreting pet CT scans. Our experts bring a wealth of experience to ensure accurate diagnoses and comprehensive insights into your pet’s health.

Comfortable Environment:
We understand that veterinary visits can be stressful for pets. Pou Veterinary Group prioritizes creating a calming environment for your furry friend during the CT scan process, ensuring a positive experience.

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Benefits of Pou Veterinary Group Pet CT Scan

Precision in Diagnosis

Our high-resolution CT scans provide unparalleled clarity, allowing for precise and accurate diagnoses. This precision is essential for tailoring effective treatment plans specific to your pet’s needs.

Comprehensive Evaluation

From head to tail, Pou Veterinary Group pet CT scans offer a comprehensive evaluation of your pet’s internal structures. This thorough examination helps uncover hidden issues that may not be apparent through other diagnostic methods.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

Investing in a pet CT scan at Pou Veterinary Group is an investment in your peace of mind. Knowing you can access advanced diagnostic tools and expert interpretation reassures pet parents.