Pet Laser Therapy Services in Miami, FL

Pet laser therapy is a cutting-edge technology which enables our doctors and veterinary team to provide non-invasive treatment for reducing pain and inflammation for your pet. It is a new innovated, drug-free, pain management option for your pet.

Our hospital is one of the few to provide laser therapy. Our doctors and staff have undergone training and with laser therapy, we can heal your pets much quicker than traditional medicine alone. With laser therapy, the therapeutic benefits include: accelerated tissue repair, accelerated wound healing, improved circulation, improved nerve function, pain relief, reduced inflammation, reduced scar tissue formation, etc.

Laser therapy has demonstrated positive benefits in treating post-surgical pain. Many acute and chronic conditions can be treated, including arthritis, degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, infections (such as ears), inflammations, sprains, strains and fractures, tendonitis, tooth extraction healing, pain relief and wounds.

Laser therapy is a relaxing and soothing experience for your pet. Based on your pet’s needs, we will create a customized treatment plan to target their specific needs. In general, each session lasts approximately 10 minutes.