Pet Grooming Services in Miami, FL

Even your pet deserves a nice day at the spa! Our expert groomer has over 25 years of experience and always aims to keep your pet looking their best. A sample of our services includes: bathing (medicated or hypoallergenic), haircuts, nail trims, de-matting, anal gland expressions, ear cleaning, etc.

All grooming services are by appointment only. We recommend that all appointments be made at least 1 week in advance, as our groomer tends to be very popular, and books quickly. All pets must be current on vaccines and free of intestinal & external parasites. If not, we would be happy to provide these services upon arrival.


Did you know that your pet can benefit from professional grooming, and not just routine at-home brushing? Proper dog grooming, from a professional groomer, can maintain your pet’s physical health, as well as their appearance. Your pet’s coat has natural oils in their fur, which has many benefits. Professional grooming helps remove the dead hair and dandruff from your pet’s coat, allowing the natural oils to spread, giving your pet a healthy-looking coat with a beautiful sheen. Our highly experienced groomers come with years of knowledge on specific breed haircut cuts & grooming styles.

Why Choose Professional Dog Grooming Services

By having your pet groomed here with us, our doctors are always on-site to assure that any health concerns are addressed right away. Our groomers are trained to check your pet’s coat, teeth, ears, eyes and nails for any irregularities that you might not see. In the event that they do see something, our doctors do a courtesy physical exam. These visits are beneficial for early detection, thus allowing your pet to live their best life!

What Does Pou Veterinary Grooming Services Provide

A day at the Spa includes:

  • bathing (medicated or hypoallergenic, if necessary)
  • haircuts
  • nail clipping
  • de-matting (if necessary)
  • anal gland expressions (if necessary)
  • ear cleaning
  • sanitary trims
  • scented perfume
  • bandannas for the boys
  • bows for the girls

…..and more…..

Our doctor-patient relationship is important to us, and should be important to you too. You should feel good about bringing your pet to Pou Veterinary Group, knowing they’ll be in great hands! Our groomers take their time with your pet, making sure they enjoy the process as well. Sometimes, first haircuts can be scary for a dog, especially if they’ve never heard a blow-dryer before. Our groomers understand this and work with your pet, and help keep the stress to a minimum. We want to make sure that your pet wants to keep coming back!  Our staff is trained to create a warm and welcoming experience for both you and your pet.

All pets must be current on their vaccines and free of intestinal and external parasites. This helps protect our entire pet community. Our grooming services are by appointment only (we recommend you make an appointment a week in advance to ensure availability). If you are interested in giving your pet the spa day they deserve, give us a call 786-472-3353.