Pou Vet Group FAQ

How does purchasing the plan help my pet?
It allows the doctor to accurately treat any condition your pet has without having to worry about the financial stress of paying for it. Maintaining routine pet care is essential to your pet’s health, ensuring a longer lifespan with our veterinary services and pet prescription refills.

Does the pet wellness plan work if my pet has a preexisting medical condition or inherited problem?
YES! No matter the issue, we will still provide you insurance coverage. Pet insurance carriers do NOT cover pre-existing conditions, hereditary or congenital defects, such as cherry eye, diabetes, hip dysplasia, liver conditions, heart murmurs umbilical hernias, etc. This plan will help save you money in the long run and is approved by our veterinarian.

Is the plan refundable?
Unfortunately, no. Once the plan has been purchased, it is non-refundable.

Is the membership plan transferable from pet to pet?
No, a membership plan needs to be purchased for each individual pet. Each pet has different needs.

If I give my dog away, will the plan still be valid for the new owner?
Of course! The plan belongs to the pet, no matter who the owner is.

Can I enroll at any time?
Of course! There is no predetermined date that you have to sign up by.

Do you book by appointment only?
Non-emergency and routine visits are typically booked by appointment, but walk-ins are welcome! Surgeries, dentals and things of that nature must be booked by appointment.

Do you have early morning drop-off and late pick-up?
We sure do! Drop off is at 8 a.m., and late pick-up is by 6 p.m., so feel free to drop off your pet on your way to work/errands and pick them up when you’re done!

Do you have specials?
Check out our veterinary coupons.